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Our story

We are a boutique photography business run by Doruk & Tina Atay. Our roots are in Istanbul and Berlin, but we are gypsies at heart and have lived in many places, the last having been Brisbane in Queensland, Australia, where we had our Red Hill studio for five years.

2018 has seen us taking on new adventures as we take the slow roads to travel between Town of 1770 in the Tropical North, Brisbane, Hunter Valley Wine Country and Tahbilk Winery in Victoria every month of the year to work on weddings, elopements, engagements, editorials, collaborations, personal projects and on seasonal photo suites for our favourite wineries. 

Lovelenscapes was first established in Brisbane in 2011 by Tina to create a happy place during her PhD in Language Neuroscience where she was researching language problems after brain damage during childhood. 

One fine day when shopping for flowers for her Professor at her local deli, Tina met Doruk who had a photography studio in Istanbul and then they got married {twice!} with cheese towers instead of wedding cakes, adopted a husky {Amber Atay} and became full-time wedding and winery photographers, dancing at Hinterland weddings every other weekend and capturing the changing seasons at wineries all over the country. That's our story. 

Excellence  x  Heartfelt chaos

Each year, we only take on a limited number of weddings and winery assignments because we dedicate a lot of time, love and personalised service to each of our clients where we think everything through and consult where necessary. Our vibes are easygoing and relaxed, but under all of that, we work harder than we ever did and are loving every minute of it.

As members of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, we constantly challenge ourselves to deliver work that is honest, award-worthy and that pulls on the heart strings a bit.

Our best moments are when we see our couples opening their wedding albums or magazines for the first time and when we hear their reactions to seeing their final edited photos for the first time in their online galleries. Getting our weddings and editorials published is another highlight for us whenever it happens. 

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We do everything ourselves, from answering enquiries to shooting 12h wedding days to designing each magazine and album that has our deers on it. Sometimes everything is a heartfelt chaos in our studio with prints, albums, tasks and French music flying around, the phone going nuts and then usually on top of all that Amber howls at us to take her for a swim. We couldn't dream of a better way to spend our days and our lives. 

Weddings • bridal Editorials • Elopements & More

Our love-related photography services include wedding, elopement and engagement photography. With our past wedding couples, we stay in touch over the years through annual family sessions, which are available exclusive to couples we already know.

We also love our personal creative projects and pull off a few epic styled and editorial shoots each year {check out this shoot in a medieval village that we organised in Spain last year for Anna Campbell's Chloé gown}.

If you're a wedding dress designer with a bit of a sassy/gypsy touch, we'd love to take your gowns for a spin. In the past, we have also worked on commercial assignments in the bridal industry and we welcome creative collaborations and commercial assignments of any kind, especially if they relate to the wedding industry. 

We are firm admirers of the #printyourphotos memo, and love to create digital fine art prints, magazines and wedding albums for our clients. Ask us to have a look at our samples when we meet or catch us at some of the expos we're at each year. We are available for events anywhere in Australia.

Travel is free if your event is located around our usual monthly route between Town of 1770, Brisbane, The Hunter Valley, Sydney, Castlemaine and Melbourne and travel fees all over Australia are minimal if it fits in with our travel routes. If we have to fly in, we'd ask you to cover our flights and one night accommodation. We're well-travelled and are in love with destination and overseas weddings and elopements, so if you're having something crazy and far away in mind, let's do it. 

Your wedding • your way

We encourage all of our couples to have their wedding their way and we get particularly excited about shooting weddings that are alternative. Floral groom suits, super expressive couture bridal gowns, island weddings, destination weddings, tipi weddings, big love festival weddings - bring it on. We welcome any love. x T&D 

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Meet Doruk

I studied 3-D filming and photography in Istanbul before I moved to Brisbane, many moons ago now. 

Buzzing, high-speed environments that challenge me to become incredibly focused are my favourites. I could never have been a still-life photographer. 

In Istanbul, I was running my own studio, but whenever I wasn't working there, I was out and about for the local media shooting fast-paced fashion events and drift car races or I was in the mountains on my bike, going downhill - fast.  

After meeting Tina in Brisbane, who was both a stressed-out scientist and blissfully happy wedding photographer at the time (I know, right?!), we felt a bit like we were meant to work on weddings together.

This was when the most creatively-fulfilling times of both of our lives began and we are very proud for what we have built up with Lovelenscapes over the last years.  

I can't do anything half-heartedly. I  studied car engineering at some stage and Tina reckons I know every single car that was ever built... she always tests me when we see oldtimers and she might be right.

We may have bought our current car purely based on the first name of the engineer who oversaw this model's production in Tina's hometown Potsdam in 2006... that engineer's name is Klaus, which is the same name as Tina's awesome dad. When we tossed between a few car options and when I came across that crucial piece of information in my research, I was sold. Tina still makes fun of me for that. 

I am also the boss in my family's kitchen and could spend entire weeks refining certain recipes, mostly Turkish and Mediterranean ones. If there is chilli involved, I love recipe excursions to anywhere in the world. We even found the world's hottest chilli at the country markets a few years ago and bought a batch {Carolina Reaper}. We love them and always give some to our friends when they come over for dinner. 

Tina's bad puns are slowly killing me, but I have learnt to just laugh at them and recommend the same to others or she will start explaining why it's funny, making things worse. 

Meet Tina

I have spent one third of my life in Australia now, so technically I am one part German, one part Dutch and one part Aussie. 

I grew up in Berlin of the 1980s and 90s in a family of academics who loved the outdoors and film photography. My mum and dad had boxes full of slides of their adventures around East Germany and the countries they were allowed to travel to at the time. I was five when the Wall came down and after that my parents' boxes filled with new photo treasures from climbs of Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Everest and other curious places, far beyond our former borders.

One day my mum didn't return from one of her mountains. All that returned was her camera, unbothered by the snow and ice it had been buried in with her and her partner... and with a film still in it. I took my mum's camera together with her lioness courage and decided to march forward to make something good out of the life I was given. 

I have set up darkrooms at each school I went to and magically found my tribe of friends anywhere in the world. I have protected those who are weak, I have looked after the children in my life, studied English, French, Dutch and Latin, moved to The Netherlands, studied Neuropsychology, did my PhD in Australia, spoke at Harvard Medicine as an invited lecturer, took photos, which made me happy, then followed my heart and founded Lovelenscapes Photography in 2011 while I was still in science... I have travelled, I have loved, had many accidents, and I have lived more lives than most, but that is what lions do. 

The best thing I did amongst it all was to marry Mr Doruk. He gave my soul the peace to slow down a bit and his talent and experience combined with mine gave my life the missing piece of the puzzle to take the plunge and work as a photographer at Lovelenscapes full-time.

On a somewhat lighter note, I am also famous for making terrible puns, have a loud laugh and I look funny when I am running. The next language I want to learn is Turkish and after our recent month-long stay in Istanbul, I am finally starting to understand a few bits here and there.  

Doruk from Lovelenscapes Photography • Fasih Doruk Atay • Australian and International Wedding Photographer
Tina from Lovelenscapes Photography • Tina Atay • Australian & International Wedding Photographer

Coffee • cocktails • wine • beer • what's your poison?

Our journey together starts with you saying hi. Even if you're still in the early stages of planning your wedding or a creative shoot, just tell us what you're thinking at the moment. If your event is not in Australia or Europe, it's a good idea to tell us where you're thinking about taking it asap. Sometimes the stars align and we can travel to your location without or with minimal travel costs if we're in the area or on the move anyways. We can't wait to connect with you. xx Tina & Doruk

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