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Hello Lovers, 

Are you madly in love and plotting your wedding your way? Have you lost yourself scrolling through our photos and imagining yourself in them?

If you have, chances are that having us as your photographers will make yours and our hearts happy, so let's chat and see if we can help make your day a bit extra fabulous. 

BESPOKE PACKAGES • Each wedding is an entire mini universe on its own, so if you let us know your wedding plans, the type of coverage you would like, we can send you our price list and then tailor a bespoke photography package for you. If you have something in mind for your day, but don't know how to pull it off - ask us! We love plotting surprises and creating some magic. 

Hi there, what's your name? *
Hi there, what's your name?
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Name of your partner
Which aspects of your day would you like to have photographed? *
Our popular Sapphire & Ruby packages include all of the below. We listed each aspect here to get an idea of the parts of your day that are important to you.
Do you have a multi-day love festival planned? Is your wedding overseas? We would love to hear about it.

How we work

ONLINE GALLERIES • For all weddings, elopements and engagements that we shoot, the final, edited images are uploaded to a gorgeous online gallery for easy sharing with family & friends, but also for ongoing secure storage of your photo treasures and for mobile access to your full-resolution photos from anywhere where there is an internet connection. We keep these galleries up at least one year after each wedding and the best part about them is that family and friends from anywhere can simply download all photos from your day or specific photos they love, so you won't have to do the run-around after your wedding to make sure your auntie from overseas has the shot where she was hugging you. We also use these galleries for you to pick the photos that you want included in your coffee table albums. Click the button below to see an example of our online galleries. 

THE STORY OF YOUR DAY • We are Visual Poets and Storytellers, first and foremost. As artists, we thrive and completely get into our groove when we get to spend a lot of time with our couple and their wedding guests on the day. Our most popular package, both for our couples and for us, is our 12-hour, full-day coverage Sapphire Package, which leaves nothing left to organise or think about for you. We'll be around all day and your photos will tell the full story of your wedding day. On top of that, we have special Mahogany boxes custom made for Lovelenscapes brides and for Sapphire couples, we deliver your wedding photos in that box with 100+ fine art prints and your wooden keepsake USB, so the arrival of your photos is a little party!

LOCATIONS • We are available Australia- and worldwide. We do spend a few months of each year in Europe, but most of the year, we are working all over Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. We can offer minimal travel fees for weddings in Berlin, Istanbul and elsewhere in Europe if your event aligns with our annual time spent abroad - just ask us. 

BY YOUR SIDE • We absolutely adore our work and our couples and are here to support your planning process, your wedding day and to produce your future family treasures - your wedding photos. We'd love to be by your side for it all and contribute our talents to make your day a fabulous one!

Lovelenscapes Photography • VISUAL POETRY • Australian Wedding Photographer


How many photographers will be shooting my wedding?
Unless otherwise agreed in your offer letter, we always work in a team of two Professional and experienced Photographers to ensure we can cover the bride and groom getting ready, often in different locations, and to cover your day from our respective unique angles. We are here to support your entire wedding day.

How many photos am I going to receive?
As many meaningful and fabulous ones as we manage to get! Some weddings are calm, flowing days without much fuss. Others have confetti, lawn games, guests doing the splits on the dance floor and morning-after breakfasts. We document what is happening in a way that tells the story of your day thoroughly and candidly. For full-day coverage from getting ready until the dance floor gets quiet, we have delivered anything ranging from 500 to 900 final fabulous and edited photos.

What kind of guidance can we expect from you on the wedding day?
We shoot mostly in a candid, documentary style mixed with a good measure of some editorial and artistic shots. What do all these words mean for your wedding? It means that there is a time for a bit of styling (ring shots & jewellery, bridal portraits etc.) and guidance during a wedding AND a time for us photographers to become invisible. During your ceremony is when we are invisible. During your group photo is when we are the boss for a second just to get everyone to look at the camera and to go 'woohoo' and 'yeah'. Your romantic photos are a bit like you taking your first stroll as newlyweds to a beautiful location with us tagging along. We know how to provide some guidance to get you both to completely relax and enjoy each other's company even if we're around. Our approach here is movement-based, so we might take you to a breathtaking spot and then simply ask you to walk towards us, to have a little boogie or to whisper vegetable names to each other in your sexiest voice. Our relaxed approach works a treat every time and results in a range of joyful, calm and heartfelt romantic shots - the kind that probably made you check us out in the first place. 

Ask us anything
Did we forget to answer a question you have? Let us know and we will get back to you within the day. We always love hearing from you. 


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